Sunday, April 17, 2011

On our day off

We have lost most of our Teacher Workdays because of the weather, but we had one last month.  Love those random days off.  So, what did we do when the kids had no school?  Go to college, of course.  Duke University, to be exact.  Whit had her annual check-up with Dr. Buckley.  Her vision is doing great!  She sees 20/25 in both eyes and her alignment looks good. 

At this point, we just continue having yearly exams and hope her vision remains stable.

When we finished her appt, Brandon suggested we visit the cathedral on campus.  We could see it from our parking deck, so we started walking. 

Sometimes distances can be deceiving.  
We walked a lot further than we anticipated, but eventually made it there.

And it was worth the hike.

 Catching our breath in a cool alcove.

 I love these doors.
The curly decor makes them girly, 
but the wrought iron is so masculine.
Maybe my dream home will have doors like this.

The stained glass was gorgeous.
I wish we had more of this in our churches.
 They had little handouts with explanations of who all these people were.
The only ones I remember are Amos and Obadiah.
But I'm pretty sure that Lazarus at the top in the middle.

 Christ and his apostles.

Every child's dream:  to peruse hymnals on their day off.
When we finished up in the cathedral 
and took the long hike back to the parking deck,
we decided we needed more exposure to higher education.
So we drove to Chapel Hill for the first time.
And visited UNC.

 We visited Morehead Planetarium.
They had a very cool movie in the dome theater.
But we were disappointed because
they advertise as also having a science center.
But they don't.

They DO have a giant sundial outside.
But it doesn't take DST into account.


  1. You always come up with the best outings -- even when they do coincide with a Dr. Buckley appt! I'm glad Whit is doing so great. Loved the pics of the cathedral, too. How beautiful.

  2. You should have gone to Duke Gardens! Even though we hate dook. We love their gardens. And next time you go to CH I will tell you what to do and see there!

  3. Aha! Glad to have found you again!

  4. How rude of the Earth and Sun to not take DST into account.

  5. YAY - Andrea updated! All is right in the world. So happy to hear about Whitney's appointment with Phil Jackson's twin brother.
    Grandma S

  6. I was just saying to mom "Is Andi okay? It's been way too long since she's updated her blog!" Really, I was going to call you and check in. But of course, you were off having fun and creative adventures. Thanks for the update.