Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter pics

I'm so happy that Andrew gave us a little taste of his writing on the guest post.  We have a couple more spring break posts to put up, but since we're the only blogging family on the planet yet to put up Easter pics, I figured I'd do that first.


 Care Bear

(wearing last year's Easter dress because
her new one arrived on MONDAY.  Boo.)

The whole fam

 Happy Easter!


  1. So cute. Boo on Whit's dress arriving late. That's a bummer.

  2. I love that second to the last pic of the whole family. You're so good lookin. And I haven't put up Easter pics yet, just the video with the dancing bunnies, so you have me beat. :-)

  3. 2 things. First, you guys all look amazing. Second, is that a fake backdrop or are you just that lucky to live by that? I would love to take cute Easter pics with that for our background.

  4. Kim--Thanks! And, yes, we are THAT lucky. There is this beautiful corridor of trees about a five minute drive from our house. It's my new favorite place to take pictures. Come visit and I'll take some of you guys there, too! :)

  5. You guys all look so wonderful:)


  6. That photo of Caroline with her splendid curls and the greenery behind is just about the prettiest picture I've ever seen.

  7. Beautiful pictures! And i love the matching ties!