Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Girl

We had a fabulous time celebrating Whitney's birthday with a Little Ladies' Lemonade.  (I borrowed the title from Cindy.  Love it.)

In preparation for our celebration,
 we baked cupcakes right in teacups,

 decorated the dining room with spring flowers,
 broke out the china and place cards,
 put together fruit kabobs,

dipped some strawberries,

 made cute little finger sandwiches,

and prepped the lemonade goblets with pink sugar.

Now we just needed some little ladies.
There they are!
Such cuties.

We made flower crowns.


And played a hat toss game.

Went on a treasure hunt.
Andrew did a great job coming up with clues like:
"Something you can play or
the sound you make when you go down a slide."
Get it?

Then we ate lunch.
Apparently little ladies have dainty appetites.

Then we decorated our teacup cupcakes.

They LOVED that and went crazy with the frosting and sprinkles.
 Whitney's creation.

Happy Birthday to you!
(She was very concerned about the wax
dripping on her delicious cupcake.)

And we finished the afternoon with a not-so-ladylike (but super fun!)
game of Just Dance Kids.  Work it, girls.

We are excited to see what this year holds for you, Miss Whitney. 
Thanks for your sweetness, smiles, kind words, and service.
We love you!


  1. happy birthday to whit! her party looks like it was a blast & a half! : )

  2. So Fun! You are so very creative. I bet Whitney had a ball!

  3. What an adorable party!

    And I still can't figure out what that clue is. My poor, aging brain . . .

  4. Wiiiiiii! (for Ang...)

    That party is too adorable for words. Really. It's beyond precious. The sugar sprinkles around the rims of the glasses put it over the top. Happy, happy birthday to Whitney!

  5. That is an adorable idea! I might have to copy it in a few years.

    Happy Birthday Miss Whitney!

  6. Cute, too cute! Both the party and the little girl just so sweet.

  7. What a great idea for a birthday party! So Cute! I'll have to remember this one!

  8. I just watched a special on Princess Di and Prince charles' wedding and this party outdoes it! I love the cute picture of all the girls on the couch!
    Grandma Sweat