Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Veteran's Day Beach Getaway

The kids have Veteran's Day off school and even though Andrew doesn't have the day off work, I talked him into taking it off so we could have a little beach getaway in November. It was perfect. We loved it!

We stayed in a condo where we'd never stayed in a big resort called Kingston Plantation. I got it as a deal on Groupon. Andrew was suspicious. But it was beautiful and we loved it.

The view from our room.

 The pool.

We had LOTS of fun swimming.

I found out that I'm REALLY bad at posing for underwater photos.
 We laughed so hard that we cried over this one.

 Brandon's hair is kind of fun underwater.

I took Care Bear to watch Trolls.
Andrew took the big kids to Dr. Strange.

We celebrated Andrew's birthday while we were there.

Visited our favorite arcade

We saw people riding horses on the beach.
That was new to us. 

 We also stopped at a fun trampoline park that had
 a climbing wall

AND a little ninja course. 

 Perfect for my kids!

Of course we spent some time down at the beach.
Even though it was sunny and beautiful,
it was THAT warm. 

The girls still got in their suits and

They are crazy!

Andrew and I just loved relaxing with our books

and listening to the waves crash.

We spent some time at Barefoot Landing,
a big shopping center that we hadn't visited before.
We had fun on some of the little rides.
We were the only ones willing to brave
the chilly evening.

One of our favorite stops was the Christmas Mouse.
Whitney found a peacock ballerina ornament
and Caroline found a rock climbing girl!
(She later put it back in favor of a

B also found a euphonium and Andrew and I 
picked out a cute tennis racket and ball.
Good little snapshot of our family right now.

Work has been crazy-stressful-busy for Andrew lately.
This was a much-needed respite and little slice of heaven for our family.


  1. Those underwater pictures are hilarious! Looks like a fun gettaway!

  2. So glad you got to do this! So glad you leave close enough to an ocean to do this! You're the only ones in our family that can! That under-water photo of you is the bomb!