Friday, January 20, 2017

This Christmas

Oh, how I love Christmas. Several of my siblings were together in Utah this year, which made me miss being with them. But I love that we've established our little family traditions and can enjoy time relaxing and being together.

We baked treats to deliver to friends. 

Monster cookies, homemade oreos, and pretzel turtles.
The rest of the family made me cut down 
the number of people we delivered to.
They didn't want to spend the whole afternoon driving around town.
It was an overcast, slightly drizzly day.
We mostly just dropped the cookies and ran.
But we did carol in 3-part harmony for two friends.

Then it was time to head home and start cooking up our 
Christmas Eve Feast!

 So, so, so good!

Then we headed upstairs for our annual
Christmas PJ Jumping Photos.

Caroline called this her "kitty jump" 

Sibling gift exchange


On a recent work trip, Andrew was able to
make two t-shirts at an Avery facility in CA.
I had planned to make Whitney a Wicked/ballet shirt.
Worked out well that we could give each of them a shirt we made.

We also did the Nativity, but I forgot to take pics.

 The calm before the storm.

Ready to open!
We told the kids they could wake us up at 6:30.
But then after they went to bed, I snuck in their 
rooms and turned off their alarms, hoping they would
sleep in. Ha! Didn't work. They knocked on our
door at 6:30 on the dot.

Best reaction of the day:
Whitney seeing her electric guitar 

She is learning to jam!
And loves it.

 B loves shoes and expensive clothes in brand
names I had never heard of until he told me about them.
He picked out almost all of his own gifts this year.
And he likes them! :)

 Andrew had been battling a cold all week
and by Christmas morning, it was bad enough
that he felt like he shouldn't go to church.
Poor guy. 
Whitney, Brandon, and I sang in the choir.
I accompanied Whit while she sang a special
number with the missionaries.
AND I was surprised to find out that I 
would be accompanying the congregation 
on five or six other hymns throughout the service.
On the organ.
It went better than I thought it would.

 Since church fell on a Sunday, we only had sacrament meeting.
 When we came home, C promptly changed back into her PJ's.
There were Lego stables to be built. 

And new games to play.

Like Pie Face 

And Code Names.
A new favorite.

Unfortunately, with Andrew's cough and cold,
we had to back out of our Christmas Brunch with friends.
So sad to miss out on that tradition.
But Kelly DID bring some creme brulee french toast
by the house on her way out of town. Yay!

On Christmas night, we got to have the Sister missionaries
over to use our wifi to talk to their families.
It was awesome!
What a special night to share with them.
And we closed out the night with
peppermint cheesecake.

Wonderful Christmas!
Grateful for Jesus Christ and that we can celebrate His birth.


  1. Santa brought Captain Crunch and Cocoa Pebbles?
    You'll have to post Whitney jamming on the electric guitar soon!
    Looks like a great Christmas (other than Andrew being sick, that's too bad).

  2. What a treat to read about all of your Christmas traditions. So full of the Christmas spirit! That photo of the artichoke is so beautiful. I know, with all of your beautiful photos that had to be the one I commented on. I laughed out loud more than once while reading. XOXO Grandma Sweat

  3. So glad we made the cut for your Christmas goodies! They are always the best!