Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spotlight 2017: Caroline

Caroline, 8 years

Something in 2016 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome:  Riding a horse

*you'll remember:  Getting baptized, going to Disneyland with my grandparents, and holding a baby kangaroo

*scared you:  When we were at the beach and I was swallowed by a wave

*you're good at:  Rock climbing

*you're proud of:  Placing 5th in the school spelling bee

*made you happy:  Getting Mrs. D as a teacher

*you learned:  How to divide and how to water ski

*made you laugh:  When me and Whitney made up a song called "Bug Guts"

*was silly:  Brandon calling me "Skunky"

*was exciting:  My first rock climbing comp

*you earned, won, or accomplished:  Straight A's on my first letter-grade report card and won my class spelling bee

Something in 2017 that...

*you wish you were better at: Drop-knees in rock climbing

*you wish you could buy:  A horse and a Lego set

Hobbies:  Rock climbing, playing with Legos, reading

Something you like about school:  My teacher

Something you don't like about school:  When we don't get to have recess

A job you might want when you're older:  Veterinarian

A pet you wish your mom would let you have:  Kitty!

The most important thing you do:  Get education, sports, try to persuade my mom to get a cat

Things you collect:  Legos, awards that I win


Restaurant:  Golden Corral

Sport:  Rock climbing

Book:  Harry Potter and Poppy

Candy or other treat:  Kisses, ice cream, and donuts

Color:  Purple

Movie:  Harry Potter 3

Animal:  Kitty

Snack:  Pretzels

TV show:  My Little Pony

Place:  Utah

Season:  Spring

Meal:  Hawaiian Haystacks

Song:  The Girl in 14G

Game:  Life

RANDOM FACT:  My name sounds like the state I live in.

Anything else? I met my friend KK

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  1. Sweeeeet Caroline so fun to read all about you! XOXOXO
    Grandma Sweat