Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whit's 5th Grade Graduation

It was a big year for Miss Whitney--her last year of elementary school!
On the Saturday before the last week of school, 
several parents got together to decorate
the 5th grade hall.

Our theme:
The Sky Is NOT the Limit!

 We COVERED the place
in space-themed decorations.

 The decorating crew.

The kids had a fun week.
And were excited for graduation at the end.
It started with a rousing rendition of "We Are the World."
Took me back to my elementary school years!

Then the awards ceremony.
W and her besties are all smarty pants!

Whit was beaming throughout the ceremony.

Receiving congratulations 
from Ms. Fleming and Ms. Thomas.

And Brandon and Caroline.

And Mom and Dad.

And Mrs. Hightower.

Whit will be attending a magnet school for the arts,
so will not be at middle school with her group of friends.

She will miss these fun girls.

Especially L!

After the ceremony, they had a fun field trip to Spare Time.
They got to bowl, eat hot dogs, play laser tag and video games.
Woo hoo!
But it is HARD to say good-bye!
My heart broke to see Whit get teary
when giving hugs. She will miss elementary school!


  1. Awww what a sweet girl! And loved that idea for decorations that was so nice!

  2. That last picture hit me so hard I got teary-eyed out of nowhere! Sweet girl. She looks so beautiful, so graceful and dignified and ready for space!!
    Mom S