Sunday, July 5, 2015

What June looked like

Miss Whit, the seamstress in the family,
made these cute heart pillows for me.

Outtake jumping pic. :)

Feeding the seagulls by hand

Look what Tony and Cindy brought me!
Now I can hang with Cindy and her girls,
Living the Sweat Life

Miss Whit made he dad an omelet for Father's Day.
(That girl is already more domestic than her mother!)

Happy Father's Day!

The kids have been watching Masterchef Jr.
It shows in their dinner plating.

C's grumpy cat face

Yum-Yum's better ice cream. So good.


  1. Loved that second to last one of Andrew and the out take jumping photo! Funny!

  2. Oh my Andrea - I think these are the most vivid and poetic photos of all the many photos you have posted for our viewing pleasure over the years!
    Mom S