Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What May Looked Like


McDonald's gave out free strawberry shakes one Friday.
The girls and I took advantage. 

Can you see our backyard berries starting to grow? 

We got these at a local berry farm.
Soooooo delicious! 

Ours started to ripen...

And a few days later...
Our harvest!
We tried some netting over the berries
this year, which helped in the beginning.
But soon after I harvested these, 
some pest started eating the rest. Boo.

Our garden in small.
And not very productive.
And we leave on the road trip
during some of the best harvest.
But we love it!

 Such a great experience every spring
to work outside together.

 And then to water it.

 And watch it grow. So fun.

 Relaxing after a hard morning of gardening.

Andrew and I go on a date almost every week.
But we usually just go play tennis and get dinner or a smoothie.
In May, we went on TWO super fun group dates.
In the same weekend.

First, Gina and Scott invited us to join
a bunch of couples on an Amazing Race date!
Our dream come true!

We were paired up with Tiffany and Chris
on Team Orange.

We did fun challenges.
 Like winning 25 tickets at the arcade.

 And drinking a slurpee as fast as we could.

 Brain freeze!

We even had official-looking clues.
But our team stunk.
We ended up taking LAST place.
Out of ten teams. (Or twelve?)
Anyway, it was BAD.
But we had fun!

The next night, we got together with all of these fun people:
Josh, Natalie, Tom, Kelly, Chris, Tiffany, Scott, and Gina
Amy had blogged about doing this with some friends a few months ago.
I googled it, but couldn't find anything similar in NC.
Until now! We had a fabulous time.
You get locked in a room with random stuff everywhere:
playing cards, a piano, lanterns, wanted posters, ropes...
and several locked chests.
You have to put together clues to figure out how to open the
chests and find a key that will get out of the room.
It was HARD. I could not have done it myself.
But working together, we finally figured it out.
So, so, fun.




 Fun friends

 Glow-in-the-dark bubbles.

Celeste subscribes to Blue Apron,
a service that delivers fresh groceries and recipes.
She had a deal to let us try it for free.
Oh my deliciousness.
We tried foods that were brand new to us.
Like Panko crusted cod fillets with roasted asparagus and
creamy farro salad. (The cod and asparagus were amazing.
We had a lot of farro salad left over.)

I felt like such a gourmet!
Everything comes in the correct amounts.
Look at that cute little bottle of red wine vinegar!

One of our favorites was dukkah-crusted catfish
with sugar snap pea and couscous salad.
Everyone (except Caroline) LOVED it.

But, alas, blue apron is too expensive for our budget.
We enjoyed it while it lasted. :)

B let me trim his super long hair.
It's still long, but not QUITE as long.
He says I can cut it short this summer.
I hope he sticks to it!

One of C's besties moved to Mexico for the summer.
We miss her!

 Whit climing at Family Fun Day at the school.

 Finished our spring tennis season.
Our team had several injuries, surgeries, and illnesses.
We're in 9th place out of twelve teams right now.
But we had a fun season!

 My Gerbera daisy is in bloom!
I love it!

And our first little tomato is growing!

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  1. May you have Many More Marvelous Mays!
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