Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Memorial Day: Hiking and Swimming

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday, we drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We met Destinee and her kids, which is always fun. We decided to meet near Boone and do a hike to The Cascades. Neither of us had been there. Wow. We were in for a treat.

I wish my camera could capture the beauty of this view.
This photo does NOT do it justice. 

So much cooler in the mountains--
we even wore little jackets.

It was a short, kid-friendly hike.

We love hikes that lead us to water.
So fun to get a little wet while hiking.

And this one led us RIGHT to a gorgeous waterfall.

Whit and Avery

Caroline, Brittain, and Chapel

Brandon, Mason, and all the pretty girls


The area had a bunch of Christmas Tree farms.
So cute!

Before heading home, we stopped in Boone
to go Gem Mining.

It was fun, but overpriced.

On Monday, we had a lazy day planned.
We got some projects done around the house.
Then Ashley and Brady,
our new friends from church,
invited us over to swim at their apartment pool.
Um...Yes! Thank you!

It was a perfect pool day.

And I got some fun jumping pictures with the big kids.

It totally feels like it should be summer!
Too bad the kids still have three weeks left in school...

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  1. Having been to North Carolina and can really appreciate how beautiful this must have been. You guys do stuff I want to do but I am too lame. So fun to see!
    Mom S