Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Star of the show

Miss Whitney has been a dancing machine this year. She spends a little over three hours a week in dance class. She takes tap, hip hop, ballet, and pre pointe. It has been so fun to see her progress and she has LOVED it. At her end-of-year recital, she got to perform in SIX numbers. And she rocked them.

 Her Annie tap number from the school talent show

Rio (hip hop) 

Masquerade (ballet) 

A solo to On My Own 

Tango (pre pointe) 

Charleston (tap)

I usually just take photos because Michael videos the performance and shares with us. The lighting at the theater was different this year and it totally washed out the videos. The girls look like ghosts. Whitney had such expressive, happy facial expressions that I wish you could have seen. But at least the grandmas who couldn't be there can get the feel. :)

In Rio, she starts out to the right of center.

Her beautiful solo

In Masquerade, they were wearing masks most of the time anyway,
so maybe it doesn't matter so much that you can't tell which one she is. :)

In the Charleston tap number, Whit starts out in the far right in the back.

Finally, in Tango, Whit starts out the third from the right.
This is the first time Miss Shelley had pointe students.
And Whit will dance on pointe next year.
She's so excited! 
And already started saving up for her shoes.

Some more of my favorite still shots:

Her school teacher, Mrs. H. came out to watch.
So nice! 

We LOVE Miss Shelley!

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  1. Thanks for the videos! Very good, Miss Whit!