Monday, May 4, 2015

What April Looked Like

I had a service guy come clean out my dryer vent.
He taught me all about fire safety.
And gave me his no-longer-serviceable fire extinguishers
for the kids to experiment with.


Caroline's shout out to her Hispanic heritage

The first pedicure of the season

Ready to road trip!

One of the yummy new recipes I tried:
Greek salad with tortellini.
I loved it.
Too bad not everyone in the family did.

Another new recipe:
chocolate mint brownies.
Oh my deliciousness.

Love the spring green popping everywhere.

Perfect weather for sidewalk chalk art

Lunch with Bea

Our sweet sister missionaries
heart attacked our door.

Skate night

One of Whitney's awesome birthday gifts--
a knitting loom that is amazing!

Sunday afternoon board game

I LOVE fireworks that explode into shapes,
like this star. 

Sure sign of a successful day at Disney. :) 


My crazy girls didn't want to stand in line to get their picture
with Cinderella's carriage! I almost waited in line without them. :) 

See that hippo swimming with the fish? Cool. 

B is taller than Mickey!
Who do they have in there? 

Daisy was a bit over-affectionate for Whitney's taste.

Still side by side. cute.


  1. You guys sure have been busy! And where was Cinderella's carriage!? That looks amazing.

  2. Absolutely awesome April! Your little curly-haired blondie Caroline's shout-out to her Mexican heritage made me laugh out loud. XO mom Sweat