Sunday, May 24, 2015


Miss Whitney decided to audition for her school talent show this year as a group tap dance number. All these girls take dance with Miss Shelley and she choreographed a super cute number for them.

Practicing in the hall before tryouts. 

Group hug and prayer.

They are such a cute group of girls and we were thrilled to hear that they made the show! (Whitney also tried out with a ballet solo, which didn't make it. But that optimistic girl chose to focus her excitement on the number that was chosen, rather than being bummed that her other number wasn't. Love that.)

Show time!
In the "green room" with the other talented kids 

Ready for their turn on stage! 

Whit's bestie, L, was one of the MC's.
They'll be attending different middle schools next year.
I'm trying not to think too much about that.

The teachers were the first number.
So fun to see a different side of them 
outside of their classrooms.
 Whit's teachers: Mrs. E and Mrs. H

Care Bear's teacher, Mrs. D. 

The principal and assistant principal.
Gooooooo Team!

Then it was turn for our girls!
It was such a fun number and they did great!
I'm including two videos.
This first one is from dress rehearsal.
Whit forgot her tights that day.
And some teachers walked in front of my camera.

But at least you get a decent view of the girls.

This one is from the night of the show.
Fun to hear the crowd excitement in the background.

So proud of Whitney. She has really progressed as a dancer this year. I've loved watching her grow. And I'm happy that she enjoys sharing her talent, too!


  1. Oh how fun to watch Whitney rock it! She's a good dancer and her legs are long just like her mama's! Glad she enjoys sharing her talent, and glad you shared this with us on your blog. xoxo Mom S

  2. Olivia wanted to say "that was so pretty dancing! And Annie is the movie from that! I love you. Goodbye!"