Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday girl

We had an extended celebration for Whit's birthday this year. On her actual birthday, Andrew had church meetings and Whit had dance.

So, we had birthday muffins in the morning. 

And went out for frozen custard after dance. 


The next Saturday, she got to choose her birthday meal. 
She chose Japanese. 
Our bento boxes were delicious!
(Notice her blue souvenir chopsticks.) :)

The following Saturday, we had her party. Let me say, having a crafty, intelligent, organized tween daughter makes party planning a breeze! She came up with her theme (peacocks/blue/green), the menu, the schedule, and even made us shopping lists. She decorated the dining room the way she wanted it and also decorated the cake. She is amazing!!

(Side note: On Saturday, without about two hours to go until party time, she made the comment, "Wow. I never knew how much work went into my birthday parties!" Great life lesson.)

She invited four friends, but only three could make it. It was a nice, manageable gaggle of girlies.

First they decorated gift bags to use as goodie bags. 

Then they went on an awesome treasure hunt that
Andrew put together. 

Next was pin-the-tail-on-the-peacock.
(Oh, yea. She also drew the peacock.)

After that, the schedule said "hang out."
I thought that was so cute of her to schedule time
to just be with her friends.

Dinner was next.
Pizza, fruit kabobs, cheetos, and root beer.

Then time for yummy cake.

 Happy birthday, dear Whitney!

 It was blueberry cake with cream cheese filling
and key lime frosting. I thought those were interesting
choices, but it was yummy.

 Next, it was time for the pinata!

 For the second year in a row, it was
raining the day of W's party, so we had to
do the indoor, please-don't-hit-dad pinata.
(He survived without injury.)

The night ended with a dance party while we
waited for parents to pick up. So fun!

Funny tidbits overheard at the party:

*I love just a hint of randomness.

*When a good group and a good person get together, great things happen.

*All together...1...2...3...PORT-A-POTTY!

*Who's taking the pepper challenge? (Then all the girls agreed to take a bite of one of the pepperoncini's that came with our pizza. And they all did it! I was impressed.)

Grateful for good friends that could share Whit's special day.
And thankful to have sweet Miss Whitney in our family.
She is a joy.

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  1. This was a joy to read! I loved the comments made by her cute friends, and also the "please don't hit daddy" pinata! Happy Birthday to a wonderful tween (and artist!).
    Our pleasurable, priceless peacock princess!
    Grandma Sweat