Monday, April 6, 2015

What March Looked Like

Whit was the first primary kid to pass off all
13 Articles of Faith this year and got to cut Bishop's tie.

Whitney, seamstress extraordinaire,
sewed masks and caps for the two superheroes
in the family. 

I walked in and asked,
"Why are all the pillows off the couch?"
They told me, "We're having a rodeo."

Fun new game B got in his loot crate. 

B moved up to the advanced rock climbing class.
He LOVES it. 

Dr. Seuss week. 

Amy was in town, so the preschool friends went out to dinner. 

You never know where you'll find B. 

All three munchkins are WAY into Pokemon right now. 

Saw this wild turkey walking in the middle of town. 

It was book fair month! 

Also Pi Day. 


Whit finished her scarf!
She learned to knit two year ago
and slowly worked on this for the past two years. 

Deep thoughts from the Target clearance rack. 

B at a friend's birthday party. 

It was time to renew my CPR certification. 

Jayne was in town! Time for another GNO! 


Sometimes our neighbor brings her pet rat over for playdates.... 

Gate City Tennis luncheon.
Spring season has started! 

Totally fair match up (?) 

Family Jeopardy 


  1. Awww...a pet rat. Takes me back to the good old days of Scarface.

  2. So many good things in March! Brandon perched atop the basketball standard is my screen saver for today! XO Mom S

  3. We like blogs that are full of pictures. Thanks for sharing. (Does Grandma Sweat know the difference between "screen saver" and "wallpaper"?