Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our winter weather has been so lousy that we technically lost our whole spring break to snow days. In the 11 years we've lived here, that has never even come close to happening! Well, I guess enough parents and teachers protested because they forgave a few of make-up days and gave us a little 3-day break (5-day with the weekend). Lucky for us, we didn't have a big vacation plan. (Andrew's surgeon said my proposed Disney trip was not a good idea at this point in his recovery.) So, we just did little day trips.

Our first day off, Whitney got to cash in on her birthday present from Andrew and me:

She got her ears pierced!
She was so brave, especially for the first one.
She was anticipating A LOT of pain.
(I think a certain big brother may have really talked it up.)
And it was not nearly as bad as she imagined.
The second one hurt a little more, but she bounced right back.

We had it done at claire's.
I was not super impressed.

Before the worker pierces the ears, she draws a dot on each lobe to see where the earrings will go. She asked if I was happy with the placement. They were not quite even, so I had her adjust them a couple of times. She finally had them lined up perfectly...but, she missed one of the dots. Seriously? She was nervous about the piercing. When I saw how badly her hands were shaking, I should  have walked out. But I didn't. 

Now Whit's earrings are not quite symmetrical. Boo. But it's not terrible. And Whit seems happy with them. So I'm trying to not let it bother me.

Whit's other request was a trip to the ice skating rink. It was pretty empty and we had a great time skating.

 The kids are getting good!
Caroline's balance still needs some work, but she has got speed.
She pulled ME around the rink. It was hilarious.

We finished the day at Whit's favorite restaurant,
Golden Corral, where we all stuffed our faces. Yum.


  1. The first picture of the three kids on the ice is so cute! Love Whit's earrings and her beautiful smile! And loved seeing the kids ice skate too. They must have strong ankles!

  2. It's funny to compare your plate of Golden Corral food with Andrew's.