Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Linville Falls

And...our last spring break day trip: Linville Falls. We met Destinee and her kids up in the mountains for an awesome hike. We had never been there, but had a great time and would love to take Andrew back.

We had a picnic and visited. The big kids came up with tribes and were trying to recruit each other. The three little girls walked around singing songs from Frozen.

 Our hiking crew.
Both trails are short and very manageable for kids.

They were off! 

And after a quick .4 mile hike,
  a beautiful payoff.

Mason and Brandon are brotherless cousins
who always look forward to having another boy around. 

Poor Whitney assumed that since we were meeting up with Avery,
we would be doing a kid swap. Unfortunately, we were not.
They had to make the best of their half day together.

You can take a different trail and catch this view:

But these little two-foot stone walls are the only things
keeping you from plunging to your death! Yikes!

After we were done hiking, Destinee showed us two fun places to stop on the way home.
The first was this cute cheese store where we were introduced
to the deliciousness of cheese curds. Yum.

 The girls tested out the rockers on the front porch.

The second was "Dots Dario" a very random and yummy ice cream shop.

After finishing off our yummy treats, we gave hugs and headed home.

It was not our usual big-trip spring break, but we still managed to create fun memories together.

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