Sunday, April 27, 2014


Our next day trip for spring break was to Carowinds, an amusement park near Charlotte. This was a first for me and the girls. Brandon had gone once with a friend. Diane and I scored a great deal on tickets and decided to go down together I'm so glad we did. It worked out perfectly. Diane is not the biggest fan of roller-coasters, so she got to hang out with the younger kids. And, lucky me, got to ride all the big rides with Brandon and Lauren. Everyone was happy!

The park was busy, but not too crazy. I think 45 minutes was the longest we had to wait for a ride. The food prices were ridiculous: $15 for a chicken strip combo meal, or pizza combo meal. Thankfully, my kids don't eat a ton, so I got by with only buying two meals for all four of us and everyone was full. (Cheapskate mom!) Overall, we had a fabulous day and I would definitely go again...hopefully I can find another deal for affordable tickets.

The NC/SC border runs right through the middle of the park.
Straddling two states 

 B, Lauren, Me on the viking ship.
B LOVED this ride.

I think he rode it 8 times.
It left you hanging upside down too long for my taste.
I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

Very fun. Almost made me pass out.

My favorite was Intimidator. Fast and Fun!! 

C's favorite ride: Peanuts Pirates 


Whit and Leann on Peanuts Pirates.
Despite her face, W says this was her fave, too. 

In line for Boo Blasters.
This was the line we waited the longest in.
It was the only one that all seven of us rode together.
Everyone except C liked it.
It was a little on the scary side for her.

Diane and Me 

 Boo blasters!

 Snoopy's Space Race, another of C's faves.
She loved the way you could push the button to make it honk.
(And honk it did--LOUDLY. Not so fun for waiting parents.)

Killing time while waiting in line 


 Carolina Cobra, another fun, fast coaster.
Takes you forward and then you do the whole ride backwards.

Woodstock Gliders
This one is cool, because you can use that handle to control how high you go.
It's a contest and the people waiting in line vote for a winner.
Brandon and C-Bear won!

The kids talked me in to letting them play some carnival games.
They found out how tricky they are.

But Whit won the piggy race. Yippee!

The kids with Snoopy

It was a fun, fun way to spend a spring break day.


  1. Fun! Can I take Diane with me to our amusement park?

  2. Looks like everyone had a honkin' good time.

  3. That looks almost as fun as Disneyland!!