Sunday, March 2, 2014

What February Looked Like

Family Super Bowl party

W practicing her back handsprings

Playing "Frozen"
(C is Elsa during the coronation)

 Watching "Frozen"
This was our third time watching it.
(Andrew's first)
It was the sing-along version. So fun!

Singing "Frozen"
We were SO excited to get this book.
But the piano part is HARD.
One of the songs has SIX flats.
I didn't even know that was possible.
There are only FIVE black keys, people.

 B finished his season at the Y.
They went 0-6. Ouch.

 One of my responsibilities at the girls' school is to help with Box Tops.
I recruited the kids to help me trim and count them.
They were great helpers!
 Report card time!
A donut for every A. Woo hoo!

 The girls perspective paintings from Little Blank Canvas.
Fun art class.

We moved the girls into the bigger bedroom and took their bunk beds apart.
They LOVE it.
I'm in the process of making their old bedroom into a guest room.
Decorating is so fun!

 Found this gem of a T-shirt and got it as part of 
Andrew's Valentine's present. Awesome.

He was home sick with a stomach bug on Valentine's Day. Boo.

C's gold medal for the skeleton.
B pushed her face first down a steep hill and this was her prize.
Later she told me, "I don't want to do the skeleton anymore....
I want to do the ZOMBIE."

 Lunch date with my hottie

Our Valentine's craft for kindergarten.

Lunch date with girlfriends

We FINALLY got a break from the winter weather.
That's more like it!
 Took Whit and L to watch Cinderella at High Point Theatre.

 Our friend and neighbor, Katie was in it.

 The stepsisters were a hoot!

After serving with Toni in the Relief Society presidency 
at church for the past 2 1/2 years,
(and Sandra and Glenda for varying lengths of time)
we were released from our callings this month.
I love these ladies!

And my life just hit a new level of hectic because I am now serving as the RS president. Dishes and vacuuming have taken a backseat to visiting teaching assignments and a barrage of church-related e-mails.  

The first three weeks were ROUGH. I was butterflies-in-my-stomach nervous all the time. And this was all new to me because I'm NOT the nervous type. I had trouble sleeping. My heart would randomly start racing throughout the day. It was so stressful! And there was nothing BIG going on in RS either! And I have two amazing counselors and an awesome secretary to help me! 

But this past week has been MUCH better. I've been able to rest at night and have felt much more at peace. Andrew has been a champ at picking up the slack here at home. He is so supportive and understanding. He's getting a little taste of what life was like for me for the 6 1/2 years he was bishop. (Except now the kids can feed and dress themselves. Lucky.) And the kids have been so great at going with the flow when we need to get to church early or stay late. I'm excited for the chance to serve and the lessons we'll learn along the way.


  1. You are awesome and I love you. Don't stress out!

  2. Dear Andrea: I have been thinking of you a lot these past few weeks and what a fabulous RS President you will be. Just thinking of walking into RS and seeing your smile every week would keep me from becoming less active! And I love the girls new room! And am thinking we will get to help break in the new guest room this summer! XO Mom S

  3. I bet you're a great RS president.

    And Andrew's t-shirt is DA-BOMB!

  4. What a great RS President you will be. Looks like February was super fun! And keep that 70 degrees in perspective: today it was 28 degrees and I celebrated by not wearing a coat while I walked between buildings on campus. :-)

  5. You are embarking on an amazing journey full of challenge, growth, and, most importantly, love. I know that you will touch many lives through your service!