Sunday, February 23, 2014

REAL snow days

Most of the time the Carolina "snow days" crack us up. There will be a light dusting and EVERYTHING shuts down. Well, this month we had legitimate snow days. I heard that we got 8 inches. We haven't had that much snow in YEARS. (Am I sounding like an old woman yet?) We stayed safe and warm and enjoyed a few carefree days here at home together.

Whit and I worked on puzzles together.

The kids played out in the snow.

Care Bear attempted to make a snow angel.
But it didn't go so well.
It snowed. And then it rained/iced. And then it snowed again.
Not good "snow angel" snow.

Look how deep she sunk into it!

The girls dug through the crunchy snow
 and with a lot of effort and teamwork...
built a snowman! So fun!

The kids also did just about everything they could to earn extra video time:

Piano lessons

Trumpet practice

 Shredding all of my documents that have 
been piling up for the past few months. :)

I can't believe how long the snow has hung around.
We've had some beautiful 60+ degree days, 
but check out the snow pile in a parking lot:
 Caroline thought it was AWESOME.

OK. We had our fun with the snow. I'm ready for spring now. Please?


  1. That is a huge pile of snow!

  2. See how fun snow is? Now move out West. (-:

  3. What Amy said!!! (Caroline is learning the piano it looks like!) Way to go!!
    MOM S