Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shall we dance?

 I wasn't sure if Andrew's back would allow him, but he insisted on taking the girls to the annual Daddy/Daughter dance at their school. I'm so glad he could. They LOVED it.

There are actually two dances at the school, first the younger grades then the older ones. Drew knew he couldn't dance all night, so they had a slightly shorter date night than usual. But still so fun.

Andrew danced a song or two, then watched on took pictures of the fun.

Grateful to share these fun moments with the kids. What a fun tradition.


  1. So fun! Glad he could make it!

  2. Whit and Care Bear were both gettin' DOWN! Next year Andrew will be down with them! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Mom S

  3. Daddy-Daughter.....always liked that combination.
    Thanks for sharing.