Monday, March 31, 2014

What March looks like

Jayne was in town, so we had a fun Girls' Night In.
Love my preschool friends!

March mostly looked like this:
Piles of branches EVERYWHERE.

The trees around here look so sad. Hurry up, Spring!

C learned how to jump rope.

Date night to the Mellow Mushroom downtown.

The train rode by while we were waiting for our table.
Made us feel Dauntless.

Grateful for the two strangers at Sam's Club who helped
me shove this mattress into the back of my van.
And for B-train who helped me take it out.

While most of March still felt like winter,
we had a couple of nice days.

One Friday night, we had a backyard fire in the fire pit,
roasted hot dogs,
and ate yummy s'mores.
Caroline had fun making charcoal drawings.

We were mesmerized by the coals at the end of the night.

Also had a couple of fun trips to the park.

C had fun with her friends at the school talent show.

She is loving tap dance class.

Tennis Social--getting ready for Gate City season to start up. Woot!

Celebrating one of our church friend's birthdays at Chuck E's.

Airbound party to celebrate the OM victory.

These signs of spring make me happy!

The 70* days in the forecast for this week make me even happier!

Our giant ocean/beach mural in the backyard

I love babysitting my friends' babies!!

Had such a special night with Whitney, Ramona, and several other women at church for the General Women's Meeting. I was so glad I could share this spirit-filled evening with Whit. The best part was when they asked all the 8-11 year old girls to stand up and sing. Sweet Whitney was the ONLY one at our chapel. Luckily, Karen and Kelly both told her, "We'll sing with you!" She was a good sport.


  1. GASP!!!! Amy has on a vest in that first picture!!!!! Amy! How could you?!?

  2. Oh I just want to hug all of you far away children!!