Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, how I love this time of year.  

*Santa visit*
I'm not one to take my kids to the mall to visit Santa,
and this year, we found him taking a nap in our backyard!

He brought one of his elves along, too.

Brandon wasn't home, so Santa left this for him.
He informed us that B was on the naughty list.  Uh oh.

*Family Photos*
 For the first time in, let's see, seven Christmases,
Andrew didn't have to do tithing settlement after church.
Woo hoo!
I could get a family photo in our Christmas finery.

 Nothing cuter than little (and even not-so-little) girls 
in their Christmas dresses.

*Gingerbread House Night*

B-train went with a Hobbit theme.
Gummi bear elves trying to get in the door.

The inside with torches, a table, chairs.
Very detailed.

Whit's tee-pee
She has caught on to the fact that she gets to eat all the candy
she uses to decorate.  She was definitely maximizing her candy usage.

Andrew's creation:
Santa's throne.

Caroline worked together on a kit.

Here's the side C decorated herself.

*Christmas goodies*
 I had fun baking up a storm.
Peanut butter blossoms

Pretzel hugs

Pretzel turtles

And the rest of the family helped me make the tags 
and assemble the goody plates to deliver to friends.

*Christmas Eve*
 Cooked up a yummy, yummy dinner.
 I don't think I've ever had four pots on the stove at the same time.
In my life.

A new addition to the menu this year:
Crab legs!
Andrew, Brandon, and Whitney were in heaven.
I'm their new favorite person.

 We also had shrimp, artichokes, mac and cheese, corn,
mashed potatoes, rolls, and red & white jello salad.
 Sooooooo good.

 When dinner was over, I was reminded of why I
never cook that many dishes at the same time.  
Sheesh.  My sink overfloweth.
I'm still making my way through that mountain.

After dinner, we acted out the nativity.
 Drew was the donkey, as usual.

Care Bear was a wise man.

I got to be the angel.

 Jumping for joy
 in their new Christmas jammies.
We started a new tradition this year, having the kids do extra
chores to earn the money to buy gifts for each other.
It went really well.  I loved seeing them sacrifice for each other.
And the house was cleaner than it's ever been!
We decided to let them open those sibling gifts on Christmas Eve.

Ready for bed.
The anticipation is palpable!


  1. How in the world did you get Santa to come visit your house!? that is awesome. Love the girls dresses and the matching jammies. And crab legs? You are so brave! I have no idea how to cook those.

  2. What a fun Christmas Eve. I love the shot of all the kids jumping off the stairs in their jammies! And that Christmas Eve dinner -- what a woman to pull that off!