Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day

 The peaceful glow of the tree.

 B's not-so-peaceful reaction when he
opened up his ipod.

 W's camera

C's new princess bike.
Cutest. present. ever.

Andrew's gift that he will hopefully be able to use 
in nine months when he's recovered from ACL surgery.  D'oh!

 I'm going to Wicked!

We spent the day in jammies, playing with our gifts, hanging out, watching lots and lots of NBA.  Perfect.


  1. Caroline and Finley will have to get together to ride bikes!

  2. I think I might use that first photo for next year's Christmas card! You captured everything so perfectly - and I even got to see the pink cowboy boots in Care Bear's possession! We love you and miss you!
    Mom S

  3. Looks like the jolly old elf came through with just the right things.