Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting into the spirit

We look forward to Christmas all year long.  So fun to start in on the traditions.  Decorating, peppermint ice cream, hot cocoa, the parade, shopping...and it has only just begun!

*Christmas Parade*

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a parade!  Brandon and Andrew were off on a hike with the scouts.  So the girls and I headed downtown.
Caroline loved the horses.

How much do you think a good piece of chainmail costs these days?

Poor Frosty was roasting in the 70 degree weather.

The A&T Marching Band is amazing.

Care Bear's favorite giveaway:  hand sanitizer!

The girls jumped at the chance to hug the giant Santa cow.

*Around the house*
With our remodel done earlier this year,
I can put a Christmas tree in the picture window
above our front door. 
LOVE it!

We had a great activity at church last month with Christmas ideas.
One of them was to wrap all your Christmas books, then
open and read one a day for the month.
I thought this was such a fun idea and knew Caroline would
love it.  When I counted up mine, I only had 18.  I bought
a couple at our used book store then checked out a couple
more from the library.  Very fun new tradition this year.


Fun little mirror snowflakes.

The start of our Christmas card wall.

We got new, embroidered stockings this year.

Also new this year:  mistletoe!
(Thanks again, Toni.)
This has been Andrew's favorite new addition.

I'm such a sucker for season flavors.
I asked Andrew to take me out to Chick-fil-A for a 
peppermint chocolate chip shake.  Delicious.

White chocolate peppermint Pringles?
Not as delicious.
They actually weren't bad,
but such a strange combination.
The kids liked them.


  1. Those pringles do sound strange. I do love your tree up in that window now! Soo pretty!

  2. Oops...looks like you made a typo. The mistletoe is YOUR favorite new addition. You might want to fix that. :-)

  3. I LOVE your Christmas tree shining through the window - you probably never dreamed that would be another result of your architectural accomplishments! And ewwww, the Pringles,wow. Thanks for sharing the wrapped book idea too!!
    Mom S

  4. Mmmm....peppermint chocolate chip shake. I might need to go to Chick-fil-A this week.

  5. There aren't any Chick-fil-a's around here! (Or should it be Chicks-fil-a?) It's a travesty.

    Love all this Christmas cheer!

  6. The tree in the window is're great at making the whole house say "Welcome". We'll pass on the Pringles, but the shake sounds good. Thanks for sharing.