Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What January Looked Like

Spent some time at a Ninja gym in Charlotte that we like.

They got rid of their aerial silks, 
which disappointed Caroline.

Getting ready for snow days!
You can't see it, but the flakes are just barely
starting to fall.

And, wow, did they keep coming!

We ended up with church canceled
and three snow days from school.

Snow cream!

When the roads cleared up,
I took Caroline up the street to go sledding.

And by the end of the week, it was back up to
spring-like temperatures.
I love Carolina winters.

W working on her arabesque at dance.

Caroline won her class spelling bee and got to 
participate in the school one, against fourth and fifth graders.
She took 5th place! I was so proud of her.
She ended up getting out on "marionette"

We celebrated with fro yo.

Church basketball season is upon us.

The kids are playing well!
Andrew and I love watching them.

B got adventurous one Sunday night
and made us Sushi.
So good!

Daffodils are so fun!
They make me feel like spring is just around the corner!

Andrew and I are hunting for a new sofa/sectional.
I took him to Furnitureland South and 
introduced him to the amazing massage chairs there.
He's going to start saving up his fun money to buy one.
Fun, free date night!! 

And, lastly, here's a little clip of Andrew and Whit
playing the guitar together.
They have a great duet of Canon in D.
 I love listening to them play.

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