Monday, May 16, 2016

Whit's birthday

Happy birthday to Whitney! This was a big one: she starts the young women program at church this year. Her good church friend, Olivia, started YW in November and Whit has been anxiously waiting to join her. And it hasn't disappointed! She loves the young women and their leaders and is looking forward to going to girls' camp for the first time this summer. Hooray!

She is such an easy birthday girl. She planned the whole event herself; made the invitations while I was in Utah, and decorated, too. I just had to do the shopping.

She invited her three closest school friends, three friends from church, and her bestie from elementary school who goes to a different middle school. And everyone came. Yippee!

Whitney's theme this year:  Classic Birthday Party

Eight girls was a perfect number. 

They decorated gift bags while waiting for everyone to arrive. 

Then they went on a treasure hunt that Andrew made for them. 

One step involved calling Grandma S on the phone
for the next clue. So fun. 

The crew: C, L, S, W, J, L, M, O, and I 

Excited faces 

They're keeping secrets! 

Then we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey

 Then we did a pinata.
Now that the girls are getting bigger,
the pinata was destroyed QUICK!
We let them each have three hits and I think
the third girl busted it open.

Candy rush!! 

Then we ate dinner and had cake.

Make a wish! 

The girls decided to do a no-hands challenge 
to eat the cake and ice cream. 

It was hilarious and messy. 

 These four became friends during the first week (first day?)
of middle school and have hung out together ever since.
I'm so grateful that Whit has these good friends
to make the middle school years fun.

Then we played Freeze Dance.

Those girls have moves!! 

Whit opened gifts right before parents started coming
to pick up their girls.
L got her Bertie Bott's every flavor beans.
The girls had some fun with those.
Caroline tried dirt and grass.

The girls talked Andrew into trying
a vomit flavored one.
I just watched. :)

I love watching Whitney grow into a young woman. She is thriving at middle school, which can be some ROUGH years for a lot of kids. She works hard and is kind. She has so many talents and enjoys developing them.

Her gift from us this year was:
a guitar!
Add that to her list of talents.
Andrew LOVES having a buddy to jam out with.
And Whit is picking it up so quick!
Fun to hear her playing it.

Love you, Miss Whit!


  1. She is so sweet and everytime I see her now I can't help but think who is that beautiful young woman!? she is growing up so fast!

  2. Can't wait to hear her play the guitar!!