Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What March Looked Like

Free donuts for good grades 

I planted bulbs for the first time last fall.
It is SO fun to watch them come up!! 

They made me happy every time I pulled into the house.

Game night with Jayne, Shane, Jennifer, Harrison, and Landyn.

Whit got to cash in on her birthday present from G&G S.
The Little Mermaid ballet in Charlotte. 

Then we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom. 

And found a 7-11 to get slurpees!
And then she and I spent the night shopping for 
tween clothes. Such a hard age to shop for!
She has grown out of the kids' sizes, but the
juniors styles are so,... grown up.
And harder to find modest clothes, too.
But we had fun trying and made a few great purchases. 

The kids made caramel corn all by themselves.

Pi day: March 14th. 

I compiled some "Rock Facts" to entertain Wyatt
while he was in the hospital for his first round of chemo. 

Trying on the snorkel gear 

Time Out for Women in Raleigh!
Had a fabulous time with Kelly and Stephanie. 

And ran into lots of familiar faces there. 

First pedicure of the season. 

Church Easter egg hunt

Women's session of general conference
with the sister missionaries, Tae, and Whit.

Easter best 

Playing scattergories in our stateroom on the cruise.

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  1. The flowers, the toe ring, the celery heart(?) - it all makes me happy!