Thursday, October 1, 2015

Road Trip 2015: St. George

After our lovely week with Andrew's side of the family, Andrew needed to spend a week working. Thankfully, his job allows him to work remotely, so he stayed at his parents' house and worked the following week. The kids and I headed down to St. George to spend some time with Mandi and her girls. I'm so glad we could spend time with them! They have moved back to CA, so no more spring-break get-togethers with them. Boo.

First item of business when you're in St. George:
Get Swigged!
If you like flavored pop,
this is the place for you!
I'm not a pop-drinker, so wasn't hugely impressed.

They did have yummy pink sugar cookies.
(The kids thought they were too raw.)

St. George is HOT.
So, it's great to have access to a pool.

B learned bad tricks from Nathan!
(pushing Whit in the jumping pic. Ugh.)

Dinner at Pizza Factory
Yummiest breadsticks ever!

B is so good with young kids.
He won Izzy over instantly.

We went to The Crack...
but couldn't find it.

We did get a great view of the city at sunset.
Can you see the temple to the left of center?

Our hiking woes continued the next day.
We wanted to go on a water hike so 
we could cool off at the end.
Izzy continued to hang out with B. 
How cute is that? 

The scenery was awesome for this desert girl...
but there was no water to be found.
And it was too hot to be out hiking with little kids.

So, we gave up and went to 
Sand Hollow Reservoir.
So, so pretty. 

Shallow spots for the little ones. 

And cliff jumping for the bigger ones! 

Great day!

Then we headed back to The Crack.
We found it this time!

Check it out!

You wiggle your way through this tiny
crack in the rocks!
It's crazy!
Caroline could fit trough easily. 

But the rest of us had to walk sideways the whole time. 
Taking baby steps.
And hoping you don't get stuck!
NOT for claustrophobics.


We stayed at Mandi's mom's place.
The kids had fun playing cards together.

We stopped for breakfast at Kneader's (yum!)
before we hit the road.
B, Macy
Caroline, Emili, Abbi, Whit
Claire, Izzy

Mandi and Me.
So grateful for lifelong friends!
Even when we live across the country from each other!


  1. Wow. That reservoir looks awesome! But I could never do that crack thing. Too close for comfort!

  2. Now I know exactly how wide the crack is - it's as wide as Caroline! And I think the sugar cookies at Swig are too raw too!! XO Grandma Sweat