Sunday, October 4, 2015

Road Trip 2015: Roosevelt

After our lovely visit in St. George, we headed back to northern Utah to spend some time with my parents and sister.

We stopped in Price at a Natural History Museum.

Watch out for the dinosaurs there!

*Quinn's birthday*

Happy to celebrate with cousins,
even on an unseasonably cold summer day!

*Duchesne County Fair*
I LOVE having fun small-town experiences 
with my kids while we travel.

Did you know they still have the Gravitron?
I thought that thing had been banned!

Whit and I at the top of the ferris wheel

The kids and I had been to the rodeo before, 
but this was a first for Drew.
We loved it!
Skydivers brought the flag in.

We didn't understand anything about scoring or technique,
but it was sure entertaining.

I love the carnival lights!

The next day we went to the parade.

The kids LOVE the armfuls of candy. 

And we saw Bloop! Or was it Bleep?


When with Gigi and Grandpa G, we LOVE to go fishing!
We enjoyed a beautiful morning 
surrounded by majestic mountains.
And everyone caught at least one!
(Except Grandma Cuca and me, who were just watching.)

Grandpa could catch fish on demand!
He pulled so many out of that pond.
Most were catch and release, 
but we did bring a few home for a yummy dinner. 


Caroline's catch was my favorite.
She caught her fish on accident. :)
Andrew had just caught one off this dock 
and got the hook ready for her.
While he was still handing the rod to Caroline,
a fish bit!
It was so cute to see her reaction.

Whit's catch was the biggest of the day!
Great bonding time.

*Meteor shower*

My family is so awesome.
August is the time when the Perseid meteor shower happens.
It is so hard to watch them in NC with all the trees.
So, at midnight, my family drove out to the desert
and set up lawn chairs to watch for meteors with me.
It was wonderful!
I loved it!
My dad used to take us out when we were kids.
I'm so grateful my family will share
adventures with me.

*Moon Lake*

We packed a picnic lunch and drove up to Moon Lake,
another beautiful spot in the mountains.

The kids went swimming and played in the mud. 

Andrew and I went hiking with my dad.
We found a couple of geocaches. 

 And helped my dad hide a couple,
which we had never done before.

 I love water hikes!

And aspens!

Stopped in Bluebell for ice cream on the way home. 

When Andrew saw that they sold Idaho Spuds
and Big Cherries, he decided we needed to let
the kids experience those regional tastes. :) 

Treated Destiny to a pedicure for her birthday. Yes! 

Played lots of Chickenfoot and Rummy.
Also talked my dad into playing a game or two of 7 Wonders. 

My favorite game by far was Singstar Latina.
Oh. my. gosh.
I wish you could have heard us trying to sing these Spanish
songs that we've never heard before. Hill. air. ee. us.
My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

Another great week with many more wonderful memories made. Love my family!

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