Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climbing, Skating, Dancing

I love the spontaneous adventures of summer. AND I love getting back into a routine with school, church, and activities. Notice I didn't say "sports." In our newlywed days, when Andrew and I talked about our future children, watching them play sports always played a big part in our visions. Well, our kids had different plans. Not one of them is playing a team sport this fall. Huh. They each chose a fun activity, though, and seem to be enjoying themselves. And it makes me happy to see them happy.

Brandon is taking rock climbing classes. That is so perfect for him. He is so wiry and is such a monkey.

He's taking the entry-level class, which is where you have to start. But he doesn't like being in there with little kids and hopes he can move up to a more challenging big-kid class. He enjoys climbing every week, though, and comes home worn out.

Caroline wanted to take ice skating lessons this fall. I know nothing and have no experience with ice skating, but I was excited for her to try something new. Ice skating is hard! She's the youngest kid in the class and has a lot to learn. But she's progressing and enjoying it.




Class sessions are only six weeks long, so we'll see if she wants to stick with it at the end.

Miss Whitney is dancing again. Yay! I'm so excited for her because she is really good at dancing and I can't wait to see her progress this year. She's taking classes with Miss Shelley and is going to try tap, hip hop, and ballet. So fun!

I snuck in to the gorgeous pink studio at the end of tap
to snap some pictures. Whit is happy and super motivated to
do well in dance this year. 


  1. Good to see all the kids engaged in something they like.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  2. They are each suited to what they are doing! Climbing, skating and dancing! Although they could probably trade places and each of them could do any of the three activities. Love that pink ballet studio! XOXO Mom S

  3. That is a pink studio! Wow! Fun activities.