Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to school

And just like that our summer was over and we were back into the school routine. The kids did great adjusting to our new schedules. I was worried about that after being on Mountain Time for the past 2+ weeks.

B is a great big 8th grader!
He likes three of his four core teachers,
and has a new band teacher that he likes.
He comes home from school happy almost every day.
(Which was not the case the past two years.)
I'm happy that he's happy!
And hope it lasts.

Miss Whitney started 5th grade this year,
her last year of elementary school.
Her BFF is in her class,
which makes both of them SOOO happy!

And we both love her teacher, Mrs. H.

And Caroline started 1st grade.
She loves school, so is off to a good start.
Not a single one of her girlfriends from
kindergarten is in her class. Darn.
There are a couple of nice boys.
And hopefully she'll make new friends, too.

Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. D. 

And I have hit the books again, too. But no pictures of my first day. I am taking my last psychology class and my second-to-last class before graduating. Woo hoo! And it is the BEST class yet. I love it. It's called LDS Perspectives on Psychology. It is so fun to look forward to doing my reading every day. I'm hoping to finish by November and take my last (capstone) course in January. Yippee! That light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.


  1. First of all, you go girl on finishing your degree. I am so glad you love your classes too! And also that the kids are off and running and liking this school year. May it ever be thus! I wondered who the little girl was under the photo of Whitney and it was Caroline! She looks soooo old I didn't even recognize her! Hooray for school!
    XO Grandma Sweat

  2. We love back to school pictures. You all look great.