Monday, July 14, 2014

Fourth of July

We made kind of last-minute plans to head to Mt. Airy for their Fourth of July parade. Lucky for us, Ryan and Destinee were  up for some spontaneous plans and agreed to meet us. The weather was GORGEOUS and we had a terrific day.

 Waiting for the parade to start

Waving to Betsy Ross 

Whit was excited to get some candy 

Cool pink firetruck 

It seemed kind of cruel to parade the cow in front of Leon's Burger Express.

It was a cute, short parade.
Exactly what I was expecting.
Although, I do wish there had been a marching band.

When it was done, I wanted to watch the pie eating contest....
but so did everyone else in Mt. Airy. There was standing room
only and I didn't figure the kids would be up for it.
So, we just walked around the cute little downtown.
 We missed B-train, who was still at scout camp.

After lunch, we drove over to Hanging Rock.
It's only 30 miles away, but they are winding roads
and I swear it took at least an hour to get there.

We took a perfect little hike to two waterfalls:
Hidden Falls and Window Falls.

Avery found a salamander that the girls loved playing with. 

The "Window" in "Window Falls" 

Andrew's fear-of-kids-falling-from-high-places-gene was in full effect.
He finally had to just walk away from the falls
so he could relax. 

Behind the waterfall! 

When we were done hiking, we sent Caroline home with her cousins,
and took Avery home with us. I'm so happy to have these fun relatives close by!
We lit a few fireworks before bed.

Such a fun-filled holiday.

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