Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cousin Swap

So, Caroline got to spend four days with her cousins, while we got to have Avery with us for that time. Everyone was happy!

Caroline's highlights were swimming at the pool and going to the Biltmore (lucky!) . She told us she even floated on her back for five whole seconds by herself.
Caroline and Brittain get along so well.
Destinee said they would stay up LATE every night talking and laughing.
Cousins are the best!
She loved playing with Mason, too.
These pics are from Sunday after church when they went on a walk
and found wild blackberries to pick. Yum!

Some of the fun we had with Avery:


Frozen yogurt

Science center

Even though these two only get to see each other a few times a year,
they are really close.
I love seeing their friendship grow.

We met up in Hickory to swap the kids back.
The kids voted to play at our favorite little park.
It was hot and CROWDED,
but we still had fun.

Already looking forward to our next get-together!

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