Saturday, April 6, 2013

Guest speaker

I got tickets to Time Out for Women in Richmond two years ago to listen to Tony speak.  But his schedule changed and I got to hear Brad Wilcox instead.  Then last year I planned to go to Denver to hear him speak.  But I exceeded my time-away-from-my-family quota and had to back out.  So....I've never heard my brother-in-law speak.

Others tell me he's really good.  Our stake president, in particular, thinks he is AMAZING.  So, he has been working on having Tony come out to speak to the members of our church in this part of NC for the last two and a half years.  Well, it finally worked out.  And Tony got to stay with us and we got to hear him speak.  And now I can agree with others--he is a fabulous speaker!

It was a quick visit.  He got in late on a Fri night and left early Mon morning.  Saturday he worked basically all day--a meeting with seminary and institute teachers, then a four hour seminar on Gospel Teaching for all adults, and a fireside in the evening for the youth (and 11-year-old nephews). Andrew and I attended the entire gospel teaching seminar.  It was awesome.  Tony is great at being funny, teaching doctrine, and inviting the Spirit. 

For dinner, Andrew wanted to give Tony a taste of NC, so they went out to Carter Brother's BBQ.  They loved it, especially the big pig signs with "Jesus is Lord" printed at the bottom.  Gotta love the South.

The boys after the youth fireside.

It was amazing how many people said, "You two look SO much alike!" They're both tall and have dark hair, but I don't think their faces look very similar.  The other question they were asked several times:  "Who's older?" Andrew was especially flattered by one woman who was thoroughly convinced that Andrew MUST be younger.  (When you're in your late 30's and just a year apart, it's a toss up.)

On Sunday, Andrew had a speaking assignment for church in another town, so Tony went with him.  It was a cold and rainy day, so we just hung out, played games, and visited after church. 

We loved having Tony here and hope that he brings his family with him next time he comes out.


  1. It was so awesome to have him here! He is an excellent speaker!

  2. How fun! Maybe one of these days we'll have him speak in our neck of the woods!!

  3. Brandon is getting so tall ....three good looking men, all dressed up.