Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating Whit

Someone special had a birthday this month!
Whitney's big day started off with freshly baked (from the can)
cinnamon rolls. We learned that the bottom of the candle
will melt when placed in hot cinnamon rolls.  Mmmm...melted wax rolls.

As a family, we let her choose dinner.  
She picked her very favorite place where we hardly ever go:  
Golden Corral.  
 That place works well for our varied family tastes.

 The kids' favorite part?
Unlimited dessert!

 Cotton candy unicorns

 At home, we opened family gifts.
Whit's always great for expressive reactions.  :)

We had a small party with her friends a few days later.
These are her three best friends from school.
They are all in the same class and get along great.
It was SO fun and easy to have them over.

 We didn't really do a theme this year.
She said she wanted to have pizza, a movie, and time to play.
We decorated the breakfast nook table
for the four of them.

We sent them on a treasure hunt for their goody bags.
 Andrew came up with some tricky clues.
 But the girls were up for the challenge!

Then we went outside for a photo shoot.

Little cutie patooties.

  Then it was time for cupcakes!
The girls decorated their own.
They went WAY overboard and then could barely eat them.
But they loved the process.  :)
 Whit got to light her own candles.
And then proceeded to blow them out
before we were done singing.
Sneaky girl.

 They played outside for a little while.

We gave each other manicures.

Then we watched (most of) a movie before the girls went home.
Such a fun evening.
I'm so happy that Whitney has such good friends.

Finally, I took her out for her annual photo shoot.
She's a great model.  So cooperative.
 A few of my favorites:

 LOVE this sweet girl.


  1. Whitney is so great. I hope you had a great birthday! It looked like a lot of fun!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Whitney!

  3. What a fun birthday party for Whitney A. Sweat, and GORGEOUS PHOTO SHOOT!! OH MY GOSH!!
    She is officially a big kid - it happened just recently. Do you see it like I can see it in the photos?
    Mom S

  4. Thanks for the great close ups of beautiful Whitney. (You're right, Grandma Sweat.)

  5. Happy Birthday, Whitney!! Fun photos! My favorite the one of her looking to the side with the brick in the background.