Saturday, November 3, 2012


The sweetest holiday of the year has come and gone.  We had two chances to celebrate this year.  First up, the trunk or treat at church.

Three witches

Casting our spells

Rockin the tights

Ridin the broom

 And one good-lookin


Andrew made some yummy chili for the cook-off.

Toni and I were in charge of tallying the votes.

The kids had fun playing games.

And then got a ton of candy from the trunks of our friends.

On the real Halloween,
we kept it quiet and stayed here at home.
 Oh, wait.  Did I say QUIET?
Not in our neighborhood. 

 I think half the city drives over here and parks on our
main thoroughfare to snag our candy.

 Whit decided to change her costume and
went with a karate girl motif.
(Check out the cool sky--
remnants of Hurricane Sandy.)

We stopped by to see C's teacher from last year,
Ms. Crayola.

 Drew donned his old Hagrid beard
and doled out the treats.

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  1. I want to know just how much candy you have to buy to hand out candy on your street every halloween. That is crazy!