Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Church ball

For the past two years, Andrew has had to forgo one of his very favorite pastimes--church basketball.  (We were members of a new stake and b-ball was near the bottom of the list of priorities for the new stake leaders.)  But (hooray!) this year, the holdout is over.

Our team was feeling pretty confident.  We've got several really talented athletes who have been playing together for years now.  So, imagine our surprise when the first game was a nail biter!  It was exciting to watch! And we pulled out the win in the end.

Brandon got to help out at the scoreboard some of the games.

The season went really well.
Check out that score!
Some of the games were blow-outs.
 We only lost one that same team 
that we barely beat the first game.
(Andrew, Michael, and Greg S all missed that one. Darn.)

Some action shots:

All of those were from the last game of the season.  It was another blow-out, we had the victory in the bag.  Andrew wanted to end the season on a high note and went up for a dunk with just seconds left in the game.

It did NOT end well.
He messed up his knee pretty bad.
The next day he paid a visit to his orthopedist.
(The doc joked that Drew should have his own private room there!)
The x-ray showed that it's not fractured.
He'll go back in a week for a follow-up MRI to 
check for soft-tissue damage.
Getting old really stinks.

Oh, and Andrew wanted me to share his high school highlight reel so that you (and he) can remember how good he was back in the glory days. 


  1. Was Andrew making all those baskets?
    Were the good guys in white?
    Fun to watch.