Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reasons to celebrate

It has been a good month so far.  We've had three reasons to celebrate.

#1 Our friend, Chris, had his 40th birthday.
His wife, Tiffany, asked us to dress in our
very best old people clothes to celebrate with the old man.
We thought we looked pretty good.

But Nicolle nailed it!

Tiffany's ensemble was pretty sweet, too.

So fun to celebrate with friends.

After dinner and cake,
 we went cosmic bowling.
Tiffany and I got more than a few looks over our sweet polyester pants.
Or maybe they were just admiring our awesome bowling skills.
(We both scored under 70.  Ouch.)

#2 Going to the temple with Kitty
Our good friend, Kitty, went to the temple for the first time this month,
exactly one year after her baptism.  Exciting!
Andrew was sweet to stay home with the kids and let me
share this special day with Reggie, Evelyn, Kitty, Toni, and Connie.

#3 Andrew's great annual review at work
It has been a pretty crazy year for Andrew's job.  One of his bosses (who was great!) left the company, as well as several of his co-workers, while one was out on maternity leave.  He had to pick up a lot of slack there.  Plus, they just restructured the functions of HR, so he has had to adjust to all of those changes.
But he has done so with flying colors!
And his new boss recognized it with a great annual review.
 We had this banner waiting for him when he came home from work.
And Whit picked him a bouquet of "flowers."

Some of my favorite parts of the banner:
Whitney gave her dad a check +++++++++

Caroline  asked me how to spell AWESOME
and wrote this herself.
B's family portrait

We treated him to Japanese at Little Tokyo.
 It is apparently a first class restaurant,
because they give us warm towels while we're waiting
for our house appetizers.

Whit could work on a cruise ship.
She made a puppy dog out of hers!

Look at my delicious dinner box!

So grateful for excuses to celebrate.


  1. So fun! I love those old people outfits! Hilarious!

  2. I'm so glad that photo of Greg and I has been shared with the world. HAHAHAHA!

  3. Nicolle--If this post was on ANDREW'S blog, you should be worried. I only have about twelve readers and nine of them know you already. :)

  4. I think Greg and Nicolle win for most authentic. Of course, Andrea, I also think you should wear those blue pants more often. They make your legs look even longer. . . Killer.

  5. Love the polyester, ha ha!
    Cute banner and delicious looking food too :)

  6. What a happy post. Congrats to Andrew on the great review. And I think you look terrific in your "old people" polyesters, Andrea.

  7. That first picture is hilarious! Thanks for the update. Loved it all.
    Mom and Dad

  8. Your family really knows how to celebrate.
    And from the looks of all that delicious food at a first class restaurant, the good review had better have included a bonus.
    Love to you all.