Friday, March 2, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--February

2/3--Care Bear and I were grocery shopping for Super Bowl food today.  She said, "I'm gonna love our Super Bowl.  It's kinda like a bowl of super!"

Not quite a bowl of super.
But she was happy with the chicken nuggets.

2/4--Sometimes at the dinner table, we'll take turns telling jokes or stories.  Tonight Caroline said, "Let's tell macaroni stories.  Once there was a bowl of macaroni.  And then the lions ate it.  The end."  

In ALL of her stories, the main
character is eaten.

2/5--We have a new missionary at church.  When Brandon saw him, he said, "That guy looks like he should be in Twilight.  He looks just like a vampire!"  

2/8--The girls were playing together and Whit said, "I'm going to gather everything I need to go on a journey."  Caroline said, "I want to go, too!"  Brandon chimed in, "Can I be your nemesis?"  Unfortunately (?), Whit let him know, "I don't have a nemesis!"

2/12--Andrew and Whit were getting ready to play Scrabble for her "Big Girl Time" tonight.  She told him, "Scrabble helps your smarticle particle."

2/13--We have continued our annual tradition of putting out Valentine's mailboxes this month.  Caroline wrote a little love note for herself and put it in her mailbox.  Later, when she found it and "read" it she said, "That was so nice of me!"

2/15--A few hours into our long drive to Florida, Caroline offered up this suggestion, "Let's play hide and seek!"

2/15--Whit was looking at the dashboard of the van and asked,

 "Why is your Avery sign in our van?"
Now that she mentions it, the hazard triangle does 
look almost identical to
Avery's logo

2/18--When we walked into Hollywood Studios, among the many other guests rushing to get to the rides and shows, Caroline was watching the people and said, "Everybody looks busy!"  Yes.  Yes, they do.

2/19--We all had such a good time in Florida that it was hard to see it end.  During the drive home, Caroline said, "Let's turn around and go back to Florida."
Me:  "But Daddy has to go to work.  And brother and sister need to go to school.  And we want to be with them, right?"
C:  After thinking about it for just a second, "Me and you should go back."

Florida bound?

2/24--Noticing the vanity plate on the car in front of us, Whit said, "That license plate says BWEIRD...and that's my motto!"

I had no idea that was her motto.

2/26--At dinner tonight, we were talking about what we learned at church today.  Caroline learned about, "Wild dogs.  And if they're coming, go inside."  Apparently they're changing the curriculum at church to involve some survival skills?

2/26--Also at dinner tonight, Andrew started off a sentence saying, "Girls have more..." and Whit finished for him by saying, "taste buds?"  We all started laughing and she said, "Girls DO have more taste buds than boys."

Random photos of the month

Our only snow storm of the winter.

so far...

B's souvenir from Legoland:  Ninjago ice dragon

Jumping for joy on her field trip

W finished up another great season of cheer

The art gene is running strong in our family right now.
Caroline, who was drawing stick figures just 
a few days ago (or at least it seems that way)

drew THIS picture of herself in church on Sunday.
Look at those eyelashes!

Then I asked her to draw a picture of me.
I appear to have many, many teeth to my daughter.

B's masterpieces:

and a cool dragon.

 The most RANDOM character you could
take your picture with:
a green plastic army guy.
"Let's face it.  When the garbage bags come out,
we army guys are the first to go."

 I traced this heart for Caroline and then she cut it out
herself.  What is up with that?  Is she going to teach
herself how to knit next?

B loved this March madness soda display at Wal-mart.

After a LONG Saturday full of church meetings,
 we stopped at the mall and the kids asked to do this:
Uncharacteristically, we said YES.
They LOVED it.

 And B's abs were sore for the next several days.


  1. I'm so jealous of your many taste buds. And just to clarify, we went to the mall on a Saturday after stake conference leadership meetings. Didn't want to make it sound like rampant Sabbath breaking going on... :-)

  2. Hide and seek in the car - hilarious! And Whit noticing the hazards sign looking like avery's logo. So funny.

  3. i, too, love those nifty soda package displays! whomever thought those up deserves a congrats! : )

    also, such talented artists you're raising. keep up the good work!

  4. Love Whit jumping for joy and Brandon up-side-down and Caroline making snow angels!!
    Mom S

  5. Caroline must be related to me. For several years I used to buy myself a Christmas wasn't that nice of me?

  6. Love these posts.
    btw, thanks for helping me with my smaricle particle by playing Scrabble with me :)