Friday, February 3, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--January

1/13--Caroline had a head cold this month that affected her hearing.  We felt like we had a little old lady living with us.  She was constantly asking us to speak up.  I felt bad for her.  Today she was feeling better and told Andrew, "Dad, I can hear!"  He told her, "That's great!" And she immediately asked, "What???"  I guess the problem isn't completely resolved.

1/14--I was telling Caroline about her Hispanic heritage.  I said, "You're one-fourth Mexican."  She looked confused and said, "I'm not Maximus!"

1/26--Caroline was working on some school sheets.  Brandon was looking at the illustrations and wanted to know:
"Why do they have beer in a preschool book?"
The straw makes me think it's supposed to be something else,
but he's got a point.

1/26--Our favorite way to pass the time while we're waiting in the dentist office is to play MASH--an old fortune-telling game I used to play when I was a kid.  Here was one of Caroline's fortunes:
When she grows up, she's going to be a leashmaker who marries Gavin and lives in a mansion with their 87 children and their pet chinchilla.

Last month, when we were waiting for Disney on Ice to start, we came up with Princess Mash.  We call it MACH (Mansion, Apartment, Castle, House)
Care Bear's princess fortune:  When she grows up, she's going to be Sleeping Beauty.  She'll marry Prince Charming and they'll live in a mansion with their 75 children and their pet Pascal.  Their villain will be the Voo Doo Man from Princess and the Frog.

1/28--When I explained to Care Bear that I'm a dental hygienist, she said, "You don't clean teeth anymore.  You're just a normal mom.  Who gets dressed every day.  And works out."

1/28--We were up at the tennis courts and Whitney was practicing hitting the ball over the net.  After missing her first several, she was very excited to get one over.  Andrew told her, "Great job, Whit.  You're getting better."  She corrected him, "No.  I'm getting AWESOME!"

She's also learning parkour from her big brother.

*Random photos of the month*

A sign we saw at a gift shop in Charlotte:
Cracked me up.

Cute girls on bikes

 Silly mom trying to ride Whit's bike.
(Note that these were taken in JANUARY
with short sleeves and capris.  I've LOVED this "winter.")

The tree rope swing is still hanging in there.

B practicing jumping over things.

The random moments Care Bear asks me to photograph:
her holding a piece of folded red paper.

The kids broke into spontaneous dance while we were
eating post-report-card frozen yogurt.


  1. haha! great month! and i used to love MASH! had notebooks full of the ones we'd do in study hall. heh. we never had 87 children, tho... ouch! : D

  2. B-train has got some awesome parkour skills. Great OOMB as usual!

  3. Caroline totally cracks me up!

  4. Cute as always! I totally forgot about MASH...I'll have to teach it to my kids :)

  5. Loved you on the bike!
    Mom Sweat

  6. Ohhh...I remember playing MASH. I'll have to give MACH a try, Macy would love it.

  7. Did our girls miss out on MACH? We've never heard of it.
    (Or maybe we have; at our ages it's hard to remember past
    this morning.)