Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What March Looked Like

Popcorn trees 

 YW basketball

One Sunday morning, in our rush out the door to church,
B forgot his shoes!
I learned to expect that when I had 3 or 4-year-olds.
I didn't see that coming with my 15-year-old.
He texted a friend and had him bring an extra pair of shoes. Ha!

Dress as your favorite book character day at school.
C went as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. 

Gate City Tennis social
Time to kick off another season. Yippee!
Our team was recognized with the sportsmanship award.
Tracy, Mariann, and I were the only ones who could
make it to the brunch. 

Spring band concert.
All-county band members were recognized. 

We spent a super fun weekend down in Charlotte this month.
Whit and I got tickets to the Sleeping Beauty ballet.
SO gorgeous and graceful and fancy.

We couldn't take pics, but here's one from Charlotte Ballet's website.
The costumes were spectacular.

While we were at the ballet,
Andrew took B (and C) to some streetwear
shops that B has been dying to visit.
He had a little bit of money and bought a new shirt.
Then we met back up at a hotel downtown.
Whit and I got changed and we headed to a Hornets game. 

We love going to at least one game a year.
This one was a super-exciting almost-buzzer-beater.

We stopped at a Buffalo Wild Wings for dessert on our
walk back to our hotel.

The next morning, we woke up to....

We had a multi-stake meeting with Elder Quentin L. Cook
and his wife, Mary, as well as Elder Klebingat and his wife, Julia.
It was cool to be in a big coliseum full of members here in the South.
Took me back to my days of attending BYU devotionals in the Marriott Center.
They shared uplifting, inspirational messages.
I especially liked Elder Cook's thoughts on building Zion in
our hearts and homes, amid all the evils surrounding us.

Caroline and Whit participate in Kidzeyes, 
an online survey company for kids.
They get to do about a survey a month and get paid
(a little bit) for their time.
They also can do a superpoll each month, where they
get a chance to win a bigger prize.
Caroline won $40 in the Feb SuperPoll. Woo hoo!
She used her winnings to buy this
fun, big lego set. 

You never know where you're going to find Care Bear. 

After ten years and 212,000 miles, it was time to say
good-bye to Hot Rod. She's been a great van, but
it was time for a new one.

We found a great deal on this 2016 Chrysler Town and Country
in Kernersville. We test drove it, were happy with it,
and decided to buy it.
We LOVE it.
Such a smooth ride with lots of perks that Hot Rod didn't have.
Hope it lasts as long our last one did! 

Ward service project:
Always fun to serve with our church family. 

Lunch in Winston with Bea for her birthday. 

Aunt Irene sends the kids Sonic cards for Christmas
every year. They were excited to finally cash them in! 

I snuck in a quick mid-week trip to the temple.
Such a spiritual boost!
I need to get there more often!

Had a GNO at Bea's house with Martha
and Laura to celebrate Bea's birthday again. :) 

You never know what you'll find at Five Below. 

Who knew my "vintage" Shaq jersey from 
high school would be cool again?
At least to my fashion-obsessed teen. :) 

Took the girls to see the new Beauty and the Beast.
We loved it.
Emma Watson was a fabulous Belle. 

Climbing competition!
I got to take Caroline to a climbing comp
in Raleigh. It was her second one, but my first.
She did a great job!

Very cool to see all these young climbers working so hard. 

 I was SO impressed by how hard she worked!
Rock climbing is HARD.
And she is a determined girl.
The pink route is the only one she tried and failed.
But she didn't give up after the first try.
She kept trying.
I think she was just a little too short to be able to make
that move. But she tried over and over.
She didn't place this time, but learned a lot for next comp.

YW basketball tournament
These ladies got out in the first round of the tourney.
But they worked HARD.
And most games, they didn't have any subs.
So proud of Whit for supporting her friends,
even though she doesn't like b-ball.

Our YM basketball team made it to the championship.

It was SUCH a good game.
It went into overtime,
but we ended up losing at the end.

Super proud of these boys for their great season!
Kobe is the only one graduating, so 
hopefully we'll have another great season next year!

General Women's meeting!
Love getting spiritually fed with my girls and
the women in our ward family,
including Sister Stearns and Sister Hill. :)


  1. Who are all those "other" lakefield bball players? Also B forgetting his shoes for church cracked me up! And his hair is getting so long!!! Do you love it or hate it?!

    1. Good question, Natalie. Since our YM program is so small, we combined with Asheboro for the basketball season. And our combined team was AWESOME! I wish their jerseys would have said LAKEBORO or ASHEFIELD.

      I don't mind B having long-ish hair, but it is way past the point that I like. It looks so shaggy. I talked him into trimming it this upcoming week, but I think he's trying to trim as little as possible. :/