Monday, March 6, 2017

What February Looked Like

Caroline received the Dolphin Award for Courage.
Proud of her for that.

Had another playdate with Miss Michelle's kitties,
Caesar and Roman.

For Christmas, C got two horseback riding lessons.

Oh, how she loves being up on that horse!

I'm a little embarrassed to share this, but here goes!
Last month I developed an unhealthy obsession
with the Wizard of Oz coin pusher game at Spare Time.
It's so fun! And addicting.
It's a great balance between skill and luck.
AND, you can collect these seven different cards
to get 5000 bonus tickets!
I know, why do I even care about tickets?
I don't.
It was more the thrill of trying to get all seven cards.
Anyway, I brought the whole family into the obsession.
When it's half price Wednesdays at Spare Time, we would
drive by to see if any of the cards we needed were out.
And I COMPLETED my collection! Woo hoo!
I can't tell you how thrilling it was.

Toto is a RARE find. I heard from another coin-pusher
addicted woman that there are only three in the whole
machine, while there are 50+ of the other characters.
Andrew and I were so excited to see Toto sitting there
when we stopped by on a Wed. And we sat at that machine
until we won it! Yippee!
And just like that, my addiction is resolved. :)

It might still be winter, but the trees don't know that.

Look at the beautiful blossoms!
Those aren't supposed to be out until March!

President's Day is one of those lucky holidays
where Andrew has the day off of work, but the
kids still have school, so we have the whole day from 9-2:30
to ourselves. Fun! We played tennis in the balmy spring-like weather.
Then headed to the arboretum to do some geocaching.
There are three hidden there.
One was on the far side of a stream that we didn't want to cross.
One was in some thorny bushes that I didn't want to get scratched up on.
And then Andrew found the third:
hidden INSIDE that little piece of wood that 
was attached to a railing.
I would have NEVER found it.

Miss Whit performed in her school talent show.
She played the guitar and sang ABBA's
"Thank You for the Music"
She is amazing!
I was so proud of her.

Went out for froyo to celebrate after the talent show.

Report card donuts.

C and I spent an early release afternoon at the 
Science Center.
We hadn't been in a while and had a great time.

We got to see the octopus swimming.
That never happens!

My daffodils popped up and made me so happy!
Bulbs are the best.

I had forgotten all about them.


  1. I am laughing so hard at your Wizard of Oz game obsession! Too funny!

  2. It feels like spring just reading this and looking at your photos! It's a good thing you're not a gambler!!

  3. Congratulations on the WofO collection...I'll have to let Patrick know!