Tuesday, March 10, 2015

YM Basketball

Brandon did not sign up for rec league basketball this year, but was looking forward to playing church ball. The leaders in charge of the youth bball program made some major changes this year and Brandon was not excited about them.

Instead of playing on ward teams, the young men were randomly assigned to teams and played pick-up ball against each other.


They got to meet YM from other wards.

The leaders could help balance out the talent and height so that one team didn't completely dominate.

There were no contentious rivalries.


You never practiced together as a team, so you couldn't design plays or work on strategy.

There was no ward camaraderie.

There were no fun ward rivalries. :)

Even though B was bummed that he didn't get to play on a ward team, he still went to play on two of the Saturdays. He had a fun time, but was also ready to leave as soon as the buzzer sounded.

A few action shots:


  1. At least he still got to play some ball. Our stake doesn't have any youth basketball program. And his shot looks good!

  2. I agree with Amy, Brandon's shot looks good! I have that photo of Brandon as a 1-year-old, holding that little basketball with perfect shooting form! He looks really into it in these photos, so thanks for sharing them!

  3. You can tell he's having a ball ("no pun in ten did")