Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spotlight 2015: Whitney

Something in 2014 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome: Getting to see the state fair with my best friend.

*you'll remember:  My Raleigh field trip in 4th grade

*you want to forget:  Getting dragged into a bug exhibit at a museum

*scares you:  When Brandon sneaks up on me

*you're good at:  The arts

*you're proud of:  Getting A's all year

*made you happy:  Getting to see my family on the road trip

*you learned:  How to do a back handspring

*made you laugh:  Talking with Avery

*was silly:  Seeing Rosie dance in my first pre-pointe class

*was exciting:  Going to the Summer Arts Institute

*you earned, won, or accomplished:  A science fair participant medal

Something in 2015 that...

*you wish you were better at: spelling the word debilitate [the word she missed at the school spelling bee, taking 3rd place]

*you wish you could buy:  Princess Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony set

Hobbies:  Playing the piano, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, playing Pokemon, and reading.

Something you like about school:  That I have awesome friends and an awesome teacher.

Something you don't like about school:  How much we had to go over fractions.

A job you might want when you're older:  Dentist

A pet you wish your mom would let you have:  Chinchilla

The most important thing you do:  Go to church every Sunday


Restaurant:  P.F. Chang's

Sport:  Is dancing a sport?

Book:  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Candy or other treat:  Skittles

Color:  Teal

Movie:  Star Wars

Animal:  Peacock

Snack:  Tortilla chips

TV show:  My Little Pony and Pokemon

Place:  My grandparents' houses

Season:  Winter

Meal:  Hawaiian haystacks

Song:  Fur Elise (to play on the piano)

Game:  Telestrations

RANDOM FACT:  My closest extended family is my mom's second cousin's daughter.

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  1. This is Grandma Sweat here. For some reason the box below says "Dennis Sweat" so when I publish it may come through as from Dennis (which would be very earth-shattering if he commented on a blog so I didn't want to get your hopes up!)> Anyway, I love these spotlights and dang Andrea, you guys may have to buy a chinchilla! Whitney is such a lovely, talented darling girl. XO Grandma Sweat