Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beautiful dancer

So, Whitney had taken a couple years off of dance. But when she started back up this fall, she really threw herself into her dancing. We didn't have a Christmas recital, so I haven't seen the results of all her hard work. During the last week of class before Christmas break, parents were invited to watch and take pics. She looks so long, graceful, and beautiful. I am so impressed with her and all her hard work. She is taking Ballet III, tap, hip hop, and pre-pointe. I was able to watch all of her classes except tap. Here are a few of my favorites.



Look at that air!
She must have gotten those hops from her dad. 

Dives--a class favorite. 

Getting really close to a full split.


So proud of this girl and excited to see her continue to work and grow.


  1. I love her serious expression in most of the pictures. I look angry when I'm serious, but Whit looks very graceful. The hip hop moves look fun!

  2. I just love each one of these pictures. Whitney looks so graceful and mature and beautiful. I especially love the last photo with her feet pointing two opposite directions! Way to go Whit!
    XO Grandma Sweat