Thursday, August 21, 2014

Road Trip: Week 3, My Family

Week three was spent in Utah with my parents, Destiny, and her cute family. We packed a lot of fun into our week with them.

I love that Destiny lives within walking distance 
of my parents. We walked them home one night.

I also love getting a taste of small-town Utah culture.
This summer, we got to watch a bit of the rodeo.
Pig wrestling was hilarious.

The kids had fun on the rides.

And winning random inflatable toys.

It was a great night.

We ate at my favorite not-in-NC restaurant.

Spent an afternoon at the rec center.
Both Brandon
AND Whit conquered the climbing wall.

Their pool is fun for everyone.
 Whit flipped off the diving board. Woo hoo!

B-train worked on some new flippy tricks, too. 

I had fun hanging out with C and O.

Our BIG adventure was driving up to Flaming Gorge with Gigi and Grandpa.
There is beauty all around! 

Gigi booked a horseback riding tour for us.

We couldn't wait! 
When I saw little Care Bear on her own horse,
I was nervous for just a minute.

But she was completely comfortable in that saddle
and loved every minute of the ride.

The scenery was spectacular.

 My photos don't do it justice.

Such a fun, memorable experience.
The kids already want to go again.
(I'd be up for it, too!) 

After our ride, we drove around to see some other parts of Flaming Gorge.

 Look at how beautiful!
I just wanted to drink it all in.

I wanted to tour the dam, but there was lightning in the area
and they were not letting tours go. Darn.

As we drove around, the temperature outside kept dropping.
 All the way to 44*. Brrrrr...
And then it's started hailing/sleeting/snowing outside!
In August!

As we drove out of the mountains, the temps warmed up. 
(Thankfully, because we didn't pack jackets!)
We drove down to Jones' Hole,
where we enjoyed more spectacular scenery.

I couldn't get enough of the panoramic vistas. 

We also stopped at a fish hatchery.
They had baby fish with plenty of room to swim.

And medium sized fish all crammed together.
It was kind of creepy.
We wondered what would happen if we fell in.
Would they start nibbling you?
I don't want to find out.

We had some girl time at the nail salon.

Dezzy and I got pedicures and my mom got a manicure. 

We had lots of quality singstar time.

Andrew and Robby singing "Under Pressure" by Queen.
This song is THE BEST.
It makes Destiny and me and laugh SO HARD. 

The girls team won Taboo. 

It was SO fun to have Andrew back with us
after being apart for almost THREE weeks! 

We went geocaching.
Caroline is the MVP. 

Gigi took us out for shaved ice. TWICE. yum. 

We went back to Duchesne for their parade.
Small town parades are awesome. 

Look at all the loot! 

The kids set up a whole economy based on their winnings.

We took some family pics after church on Sunday.


My parents' bishop told me something I'd never heard before,
"You look just like your mom!"
I thought it was hilarious.
(Notice mom on her tip-toes!) 

Such a super fun week with my family.
 Then it was off to spend a week with Andrew's side of the fam!


  1. You guys are going to be so bored when you get back here! Looks like you have been having a blast.

  2. Oh my gosh thanks for the whole package of pictures and stories. I loved the Flaming Gorge photos and can't believe Caroline rode that horse all by her big girl self. XOXO Mom Sweat

  3. You look just like your mom, that's funny! I love all the hair colors between you and Destiny's kids. There's a few grandkids that "look just like they're grandma". (-: