Monday, September 30, 2013

What September Looks Like

Another appropriate title for this post would be, "Our family apparently wants to join the circus."

Looks like we spent most of September jumping or standing on our hands or heads.

Look at those pointed toes.
Miss Shelley would be proud!

One of Brandon's favorite games at the beach, "Dead Body."
He would pretend to be dead and let the waves push his body around.

Tennis party to welcome home, Deb, my partner
from last year who has been deployed to Afghanistan
for the last nine months.  So glad to have her home!

B practicing high jumping.
He only got injured once.

C lost her first TWO teeth this month.
Isn't she too young for this?

W and her doll were twinners one Sunday.

Labor Day party with our friends.
Our first experience with!

A scout activity on Auto Maintenance.

Girls Night Out with Jayne in town. Yippee!

My favorite quote from the Historical Museum:
COOLNESS is greatly desired by housewives.


  1. I think your family should join the circus - you are flying high! September is a beautiful month - thanks for sharing the joy!

  2. Ah, the athletic mobility of you North Carolinians is something to be admired. Thanks for sharing.