Monday, July 8, 2013

Road Trip: Week 2

Spent this week with Andrew's side of the family.  We had so much fun.  The kids can't believe the week is already over and it's time to leave.  They SO want to move to Utah.  I told them I'd come visit them if they did.

*Visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

 Still looking good

*Party at Aunt Karla and Uncle Richard's house. I didn't take many pictures.  I was too busy eating and catching up while the kids were entertaining themselves...  

on the trampoline

and lounging around after playing in the sprinklers.

*We happened to be in Utah during a record-setting heat wave.  But, you know what they say about a "dry heat"?  It's true!  It really didn't feel so bad.  However, our morning at the water park felt GREAT.

*Our annual visit to BYU was fun.

The kids' favorite spot is still the candy counter in the wilk.

We saw a couple of new (to us) sights.
The Cosmo bench

And the Kung Fu Panda statue.

Look closely and you can see the Y behind us.

*Picnic up the canyon

So fun to have a big picnic with Grandma, Grandpa,
and a bunch of cousins.

 Andrew took the girls on a hike.

The big kids waded in the cool water.

These two have the exact same hair! So cute.

*Celebrated B's birthday!

The big 1-2.

 For the past several weeks, Brandon has been 
asking for a little cake to shove his face in.
 Why not?

He LOVED it.
And both girls are now asking for the same thing.

 He got to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with
his Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa.

 They LOVED it.
I hear it was about the most exciting tie game they've ever seen.

*Feeding the horses

*Fourth of July!

Patriotic girls

Grandma's big backyard slip 'n slide

 Two cute five-year-olds

Andrew and Tony played a crazy frisbee game where
they tried to stand completely skill while the other got
a free shot at them. Sometimes they still seem like 

In lieu of going to a parade, I told the kids we'd throw candy at them.

The girls dressed up.
They played so well together.
Overheard: I'll be the nice girl and you be the jealous girl. :)

 We enjoyed the big fireworks that all the neighbors lit.
And we had a bunch of little ones of our own.
 C got brave with her sparkler.

 I love them!

 Dancing to the strobe light fireworks.

And dancing even when they burned out.

*Quick trip to the temple

 Love the five minute drive!

*Trafalga. Our water park pass also got us into this fun center in Lehi.

The girls gave VERY mixed reviews of the Hopper.
(Poor C!)

 But they both liked the rock climbing.

 W made it to the top.  Twice.

And they had a blast on the bumper boats.

B and Drew also had fun playing
 laser tag and driving go-karts

*Sock Olympics!

 This is a tradition with some of the cousins, but our kids have never had the chance to participate.  It. is. awesome.  The kids decorate socks and flags.

 Then they have opening ceremonies.
And the games begin!

 Slide and throw into laundry basket

Sock shuffleboard

 Sock bowling

I missed the medal ceremony.

 Closing ceremonies.

 And a big group hug for the Organizing Committee of Grandma.

*Picnic and frisbee dodgeball.

We planned on playing kickball and softball.  But the weather wasn't cooperating.

 We love cousins!!

 We hadn't played this before.
It was SO fun.
Jane wins the award for MVP.

 Then it was time to say good-bye to this side of the family.

*Brandon's ordination to the priesthood

We asked both of our families to meet somewhere in the middle of their homes so that we could all be together for this special day.  It was wonderful!

We had family there from SIX states.

 Andrew's side

 My side
(Minus Mark, Taylor, and their boys, who were ready to play outside)

It was such a neat ending to our week.
So proud of Brandon and the way that he's growing up!


  1. We LOVED every minute of our time with you. And what an unforgettable experience to be together with your family yesterday in the Heber Valley. There was such a sweet spirit in the room in that church building on Center Creek Road where Orville and Bertha Sweat started it all! What a great memory for Brandon and all of us. It's awfully quiet around here (Angie and Ethan and Andrew are still here though, so we aren't in complete withdrawal mode). So much fun - and you take such great photos! I want to add the one I took with my camera of Andrew and Brandon screaming their lungs out when the Real team scored. Love you all - thank you for making the great trek out west!XO Grandma Sweat

  2. Happy Birthday Brandon! That little smash cake was hilarious. and I am so jealous you went to a Real Salt Lake game. So fun!

  3. It was wonderful to see you guys! I'm especially glad we could be there for Brandon's big day. Have safe travels for the rest of your trip!

  4. What wonderful memories! Each one of these pictures just makes me grin as I relive the event. Thanks for coming to visit us - Utah is waiting for you to take the kids up on their wishes!!
    Grandma Sweat

  5. Looks like fun memories were made!

  6. SO much fun to see you guys! Love your beautiful family. And we enjoyed "kidnapping" Whitney and Caroline for a couple hours. Thanks for all the pics!

  7. One statement says it all: "organizing committee of Grandma".
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I hope you thought of me while you were in seems we just missed each other. We were there for a little while. So fun to see your adventures.