Sunday, March 17, 2013

The talented Miss Whitney

Every year, our elementary school has a talent show.  It's a pretty big deal.  We've gone to watch a couple of times.  There is always a BIG turnout and it's fun to see what talents the students share.

This year, Whitney decided she wanted to audition.  She wrote a song on the piano over the last few months and wanted to play it.  I was proud of her for her courage to try out.  And also nervous of how she would feel if she didn't get in.  But she made it!  She practiced her song and was ready to go!

With one of her best friends (also a pianist)
at dress rehearsal.

All dressed up for the big night!

The stage was set.
There must have been 300 people there.
Talk about pressure!
She had some butterflies, but handled them beautifully.

She did such a great job!
I was a proud mama.
For Grandmas and Grandpas that live on the other side of the country,
here is her self-composed piece, "Springtime Sun."

Several friends came to watch her, which meant a lot.  We went out to Sweet Frog, a yummy frozen yogurt bar, afterward. 

 We'll see if the future holds more music composition for Whit.


  1. Great job Whit! You're such a talented girl

  2. Whitney is so awesome! What a great piece! I hope she will replay it for the ward talent show in Sept!

  3. That is amazing! tell Whit good job!

  4. She looks so regal and grown up. And my goodness, when she gets both hands going together in the middle she's tearing up the keys. Really great job Whitney. Grandma and Grandpa Sweat are very proud of you - keep the music coming!
    Grandma S

  5. She's a real pro; composes and performs. And she has that bow at the end down pat.
    Congratulations, Whitney.
    And thanks for carrying on the talent/tradition into the next generation.
    Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Hiatt